What in Flashcom do you want?

If you could have a Flashcom article of your choice in the next MX Developers Journal, what would it be about?

– A Different Kind of Flogger (Aussie’s laugh, Admin’s unite)
– Remote Shared Objects vs. XMLSocket


5 Replies to “What in Flashcom do you want?”

  1. I would read an article about Remote Shared Objects vs XMLSockets. Perhaps compare the 2 with code examples then show where Flashcom really shines.

    It would also be nice to see performance comparisons as well.

  2. something on persistence… maybe a framework for transparently syncing local and remote SOs for sometimes connected apps a la central

    or a server-side push application that broadcasts locally generated flvs/streams to a net of neighboring servers, to create that cool fault-resistant post-nuclear tv/object network

  3. Hi,
    i think both of them are interesting topics. Usually, developers aren’t happy with Flogger,( as far as i have read in flashcom list, or forums ) so, an article about that , about a different flogger will be interesting. ( it has my vote )

    By the other hand, remote Shared Objects vs XMLSocket sounds like a pretty article, so…
    Could it be flogger in the next Mx journal and RSO vs XMLSockets on one another??

    je je anyone of this will be read with a lot of concentration by me.

    ( sorry for my really bad english )

  4. Cool, I use these comments to let my editor know what the community wants, so I’ll see what I can do about getting both in. Hoping both ideas get approved, and I’ll ask about putting the 2nd in edition 3.


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