EOLAS: Who gives a…

Alright, enough is enough, stop talking about this retarded subject! For crying out loud, this is stuipid, and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!

Someone once told me Microsoft had to remove IE from windows because of all those suits. It never happened.

Someone once told me search engines were going to go to a “you pay, you come up in a search.” Big companies were supposedly paying for this. So, if you searched for “ducks” on google, only those who paid would get a higher search engine placement. It never happened.

Someone once told me that a patent infringement case against Microsoft would remove plugins from working in web browsers the same, thus affecting the web in negative ways. From removing existing browsers from the market cause they cannot afford the patent infringement cost to negatively affecting the industry because web pages would be reduced to older technologies to get around the infringement. It will never happen.

Shut up and move people… there are a lot cooler things to discuss, like Flash 7, for example. It, for example, is a reality that will instatantiate change into things.

I know I can’t prevent it from coming up again in a few years when all the appeals get publicized, but I hope by then you’ll at least take them with a grain of salt seeing that NOTHING HAPPENED!

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  1. I’m not telling people to shut up, but more so to stop freaking out about it. It’s getting ridicoulous. Speculation after speculation has been ranted upon at many blogs, but all people are doing is drawing negative conclusions.

    The only remotely positive thing I read was a rumor about Microsoft, W3C, and Macromedia meeting briefly to discuss options to not affect end users.

    My useage of Microsoft as an example was fair because this very issue has Microsoft at the core of it.

    I don’t see what this has to do with me as a consumer…?

  2. Jesse,

    I apologize, i miss read EOLAS as EULAS, as in the product activation stuff. My bad.

    I agree, people do need to stop freaking about this. But smaller companies like MM may not be able to pay these EOLAS fucks and suffer big financial losses. But hopefully EOLAS will piss off enough corporations that we might just see a complete change in all this patent frenzy nonsense.

  3. I figured you EULAS, hehe, all good bro. Sorry for the shut up comment, too, but I was just pissed… all I see on blogs is this stuff, and it’s getting boring and old.

  4. I find it crazy that someone so intelligent actually had a part in the creation of Lotus Notes. What a piece of shit program. Slow, unintutative, and non-standard UI following. I nearly committed suicide while at IBM, but was saved by installing Outlook Express.

    …frustrating too because I thought his conclusion was weak, but I knew what he was getting at. They obviously don’t have geeks consulting with the defense…

  5. BRAVO! Someone has the sense to tell it the way it is. Most of these cases are overturned on appeal anyway. If Microsoft could escape a breakup order, then this is a piece of cake.

  6. I notice you’ve told people to ‘shut up’ because nothing will come of this, but you offer nothing more than anecdotel evendence to support this rather crude argument. I think people in this industry have a right to be worried and to want to talk about the possible outcomes of this lawsuit, whether you see the outcome as all smiles and sunshine or not. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if it isn’t constructive, it’s often best kept on the shelf.

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