Timeline Effects Make a Good & Fun Market

Can’t remember the product, Swish or something, but I remember a lot of people loved it because they could use it to take custom text and generate a banner for their site. I think a lot of people will be blown away at what timeline effects will do to not only that market, but the people who want to create timeline effects in general.

With the multitude of options in generating parameters for such animations, Flash animation, for specific effects, can get fairly automated pretty quickly almost akinning it to filters in other programs. You have your object your applying the filter too, the interface which you provide to adjust the fitler parameters (which offers the options of XML or Flash for the interface, better than Fireworks, baby!), and if coded correctly, you end up with a non-destructive effect all encapsulated in a graphic symbol (or movie clip, but I’m assumign graphic for the sake of this discussion).

Anyway, for people like me who love to empower designers and those “design challenged”, this is just extremely phat.