I’m a Squad Leader, biotch!!!

Dude, Tuesday night I finally got Squad Leader. I had been shooting Bantha’s in the head since Saturday night for hours at a time. Finally found the trainer after running around Tatooine for about an hour, and had a feeling he was in Bestine (Imperial Capital). Confirmed with an email to another SL that I was headed in the right direction… almost regretted asking just because I was impressed I actually remembered such a minute detail.

Anyway, it’s frikin’ phat dude! I can now do system messages in the middle of the screen that my group memebers can see. Interestingly, I think it works like Flashcom’s NetStream.send because it is a high priority message. The documentation for the skill indicates it’s sent immediately, and I managed to lag my girlfriend when I spammed it, so it’s nice to have a class in a game that actually get’s “bandwidth priority”. Interesting development concept.

Took my first, official outing last night to the Tusken Raider Fort. I always die there, yet always find myself returning with some group. Anyway, I was leading this time, and we had a good first push; even met up with another 3 people inside the cave which leads up to the fortress. I got SOO much SL experience when we would kill one of the Tusken’s.

However, I stupidly put myself on the front lines, and since I’m not technically a tank, I fell pretty quick when the Tuskan’s started doing round houses with their Gaderif baton’s while their friends sniped me with their rifles… my girlfriend was the only medic so many of us fell (out of 10, about 3 in 5 seconds).

All in all, great learning experience in such a short time, just one expedition! First off, I must realize that guys in the game that know Starphire/Bindy is my girlfriend are going to exhibit their jealousy in some way. Some people think it’s cool, but some it frustrates. Knowing that this is inevitable actually makes it easier to deal with… sort of. Secondly, I need more macro’s. You can do text color over-rides using a hex code like you can with HTML in Flash field’s. This helps bring to attention certain words, like bolding, if the color contrasts enough. Third, I need to stay in the back… I have a rifle for crying out loud. I guess being an expert Unarmed has gone to my head.

Anyway, feels good to have gotten Squad Leader after so many weeks and weeks of working. I probably won’t master it for months as I can only get experience in groups.

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