Central: Another Benefit – Sharing

Just wanted to add another cool benefit/feature of Central that I’ve found in just the past week. It has made it very easy for my fellow developers and I to share apps. I’ve found I just leave Central always running now, alerts or not, cause I always have some new app to try, or a not-so-new one to look over again; like loading in the new blog entries to John’s RSS reader.

It’s so easy to play with someone else’s app, too. I just click some install link, and after a dialogue, poof, it gets installed in Central. Usually, they send me a link to the source, too. Finally, if I ever want to see it again, I don’t have to search my hard drive for it, open the FLA in Flash, and compile… I just tab back to Central, and there it is!

So, it’s not just for users. Making it easier for developers to share ideas and work is just fantastic!

…besides, <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/archives/000072.html”>I’ve said</a> that Central’s TRON’ish looking icon is my favorite in the whole MX line, so it looks phat on my taskbar next to my clock.

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  1. > How do you add apps to Central?

    1. File > Install Application From URL (enter the path to the product.xml file for the application).

    2. Use the Application Finder (not available yet) – just like the Macromedia Exchange, one click install.

    3. Download from the web, probably the developers website. They’ll provide an installer that uses the fp6r65s+ built in Central install mechanism to install the app.

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