Central: What an app should NOT be named

I’m sitting here coding broadcasters… and I thought of an idea to put all my mini apps into Central. Should help me distribute my stuff easier and help people manage them as I take a different approach every 4 months in my distribution of them (components, window SWF’s, FLA’s, etc.).

… and I thought about what NOT to name my apps. If you’ve seen an installation, or the marketing ad, it says, “Central is AccuWeather!” or whatever app your installing. Naturally, being immature and a geek who wishes he was clever, I started kickin’ it ActionScript.com-comment style, and came up with these…

Central is…
– a ham sandwhich
– a prog with a phat icon
– a cheesemuffin
– an MM brainchild
– just south of Houston
– breathtaking
– central to this discussion
– a teenage mutant ninja turtle

No, I didn’t patent those names, but if you make an Central app, clearly think of how it will fit into the installation sentence and not sound silly, hehe!

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