Freddy vs. Jason: Place Your Bets

Speaking of demons killing eachother, who do you think’s gonna win? My first instinct was Freddy as he, by the previews, is portrayed as the antoganist / protaganist… but that’s just because Jason never says anything. Still, the chick did say go to Hell, and appeared to be referring to Jason, but I still think Jason will win.

I can’t wait to see this movie…

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  1. I don’t get it, does Jason fall asleep and that’s where he meets Freddy? Last time I checked didn’t Jason get blown up in space. Jason has definitely taken a bigger asswhoopin’ over the years, so my vote is with him.

  2. Actually, the one before that, Jason Goes to Hell, had his mask lying on the ground at the end as blowing dust revealed it. However, Freddy’s hand then came up, and pulled it underground and you heard him laughing. I really don’t know how the space one fits into all of this, but they never make any sense to me anyway.

  3. Oh yeah, forgot about that. That was the one when Jason was ripped to shreds and the doctor ate his heart and became evil…interesting. I think the space one was way in the future, so if this new one takes place before that, then we know Jason survives ;)

  4. Possibly. Look at it like this: There comes a time when all the analyzation, the theory, the hard work finally just wears you out. You wish to stim belief, to remove all inhibitions and just take things in, to let go.

    It’s the difference between Warcraft and Quake: One utilizes the brain, the other is about pure survival. Compare this movie to the Matrix, and you’ll see what I mean. After awhile, you don’t mind spending 8 bucks to laugh your arse off at something presented seriously.

  5. Agreed. It’s mindless entertainment, you don’t have to search for meaning and it’s not going to change your life, just an hour and a half of drooling. Cult classics are hard to understand sometimes, bad jokes, bad special effects but for some reason they can be entertaining.<br />There’s also some nostalgia involved as well, if I didn’t grow up watching these two movie maniacs, I probably wouldn’t care at all. I just hope someday Michael Myers and Jaws don’t join the fight :)

  6. My bet is for Freddy. Jason just doesn’t strike me as a strong thinker. With all of Freddy’s mind games and super powers in dreamland jason will become freddys bitch!


  7. I hope they make it good and revert to the old school fake blood and stuff. Freddy/Jason movies just aren’t the same without the “cheese factor.”

    And, I’m a big ice hockey fan, so my vote goes to Jason.

  8. Jason, hands-down. He always womps arse. He can walk while his victim is running and still catch up. Freddy can’t touch that even with his mind games. Jason isn’t alive is he? He probably doesn’t sleep or dream.

    all in all, marketing at it’s best.. err. worst.. I’ve yet to see anything about this flick besides this posting…

  9. In the subway stations here in New York, there are posters of Freddy vs Jason…saying something about last one gets to kill them all.<br /><br />…they are making Aliens vs Predator <a href=”″>AvP on IMDB</a> :)

  10. Dude, neither of them will *really* die. They’ll just get tired of trying to kill each other, then realize that they’re much more effective working together. Imagine how haunting it would be to have both of them chasing you. Yea, baby!

  11. I dunno man, I recall Corey Feldman killing Jason with that hammer(part 5 i think)….sorry, anything to bring that up :)

  12. Freddy will destroy Jason, why, because he is intellectually more developped, has a better fashion understanding and is very volubile.

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