Internet Marketting Fighting Itself

LOL, dude, just went to to read an article, and 2 Flash ads assualted me while there. Naturally, the one in the middle of my page was hiding the next sentence I was reading, so I promptly looked for the close button; but it was under the embedded Flash add, the one fit into the text of the article. I’m a gamer, so hit the remaining 3 pixels showing on the close button, but damn, it was so funny. Popup’s are one thing as they are windows that can be targetted with a quick wrist movement of CONTROL + W, or Alt + F4 if your desperate; but this was on just one webpage; I was assualted by a plethora of masks and moving shapes. It was so funny… stupid advertisers, ha ha! I’m supposed to focus on what, now? My attention is where? Your not annoying me, how? At least they’re fighting eachother now; that should help. Help what, I’m not sure, but it’s kind of like when demons kill eachother, it’s just phat!

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  1. hey man..

    first off.. check the web link i have..

    i thought that was pretty cool that they actually made it illegal to use that domain… kinda like a 555-1234 number.. just so no-one will get bugged..

    anyway… you should seriously look into getting a new browser..

    here’s an offer up from the peanut gallery..

    very VERY good pop-up blocking browser… even keeps track at the bottom of how many pop-ups have been stopped.. but here is the #1 reason i like it..

    “Improved Flash Animation Blocker. ”

    they actually got it so that you won’t even see a flash pop-up over your articles… try it out.. you won’t be dissapointed..

    it’s so small and runs offa the I.E. based kernel (colonel) so it’s still what you need to work with..

    plus.. all windows are within a main window (i.e. opera browser style) so it’s one minimize and all of your windows are gone..

    you can launch groups of windows via your favorites.. (go to /games/ and launch all game sites you wanna check through.. and tile them.. etc.. ) and you can save the windows and URL locations as you had them when you closed it..

    does the little kazaa thing too.. where when you close.. it’s running in the systray out of sight.. i personally like that..

    anyway.. thought i would share..

    later man..


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