Respect Again

There was a time when I would ride the bus home with my fellow peers chanting, “New Kids Suck!”. We would do this for 10 minutes at a time. Later, in school, we’d make fun of any pop star as the early 90’s was full of them, and there were no shortage of targets. Pop culture was a dangerous world combined with middle and high school; you had to wade through the bs, grab hold of someone you thought was cool, and prayed to God they weren’t in the media for something that would damage their rep… only way to survive in school.

This carried on into adulthood. A lot of pop music made me sick, specially the processed boy bands.

Then one day, my ex-manager took me upstairs and showed me this DVD he had of N’Sync in concert. Justin Timberlake came on stage, and started beatboxing with this drummer. All he had was his mouth, his moves, and a stadium full of jailbait. He broke it the %&#$ down. At that moment, I had mad respect for Mr. Timberlake.

I missed the MTV Movie Awards this year, but courtesy of my man Alex from work, I saw this, and respect was gained again.

<a href=””>Matrix Parody @ The MTV Movie Awards 2003</a>

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  1. True. That thing is amazing. The Oracle (who’s her?) is *great*. The architect (the old SNL guy) is amazing too. That was a great parody.

  2. Yeah, you should have seen him in concert a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, you would have been blown away. Its not something I really like to admit I went to go see, but Christina Aguilera (sp?) was there too:) It was crazy though. I was already worn out from Christina’s performance before Justin even came on. That girl can sing. But anyway, Justin did beat box during his performance. Except this time he battled with a live drummer and…..a DJ. I wanna say DJ Cowboy or Starboy or something. A big local DJ I believe. If was definitely some funky sh!t. Justin told everyone he was going to turn the Philips arena into a dance club. Then DJ started playing some old school funky sh!t you’d hear in a skating rink (robot voice:) Jes, I think my girl asked yours if ya’ll wanted to come. If the performance comes out on DVD, I’ll grab it for you.

  3. Its funny, allot of my mates HATE boy bands with a passion, ie if you mention you even listen to an NYSNC or *gasp* Backstreet Boys style music, you’ll be verbally owned.

    Having said that, allot of them have said “yeah, i hate boy bands don’t get me wrong but i like that song ‘Just Dance with me’ great beat to it…

    I dunno, Timberlakes pretty funky, i wouldn’t rush out and devote a fan site to him but i can listen to it… with the windows up and and sunnies :D (sorry he can’t shake the boy band image)

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