Projects Galore

Having so much fun, but better call it night. Got so much on my plate:
– project at work is hitting beta soon, so we are putting a final version on a targeted server next week and tested 2 days to document all that needs to be changed, and is known issues.
– 2 animations for her majesty so far, 1 of which is due early tomorrow
– My formatted & image-fied 4 chapters for that Flashcom book I’m helping write. Was due Monday, pushed to Friday because of my excuses, and hopefully won’t get annihilated as I’ll probably finish it at the pool tomorrow.
– My D&D Online app is coming along nicely. Finished my 2nd of 2 Flashcom components that make up some of the functionality. Being an artist and trying to implement storyboards from that perspective into an app is hell. I find myself saying the same things to myself that I used to say to overzealous designers. But, that’s why we love them. I’m currently working on the client-side app that allows you, as the DM, to setup the necessary XML. Gotta love Screenweaver. No, really.
– A FAQ for Flash stuff. After answering the same questions 1000+ times, and not wanting to wish “searching the archives” on my worst enemy, Eric and I decided it best to formulate a simple site to host such common questions.
– Calendar App can hopefully be done soon. Although it’s not a priority, I wanna get a real Flash app for a site done, and off my plate. Might not get used, but I don’t care; at least I got Advanced Calendar experience under my belt… especially utilizing XML data from PHP to populate it.
– My MXDU 2003 images are pretty much done, just need to get them approved so I can post them up here.

…hand me a towel, I’m awash in DataProvider! I swear, I’m starting to see people as labels, and trying to figure out how I can translate for(prop in var) to ask a question to learn about someone. …yeah, time for bed.

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  1. We’re going to attempt to utilize a MoveableType interface to see how that works out. So, yeah, you can design around those specs… you’ve got practice already.

  2. Screenweaver DOES rock. It’s so easy to build little desktop apps to do all sorts of handy things: like writing huge XML files and also parsing the RSS feed from the Mighty Goog.


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