As I walk through the valley of darkness…

This wouldn’t be any fun if people like this didn’t exist. Imagine if Flash was accepted everywhere and uber-usable… would you be complacent or what?

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4 Replies to “As I walk through the valley of darkness…”

  1. If you are a serious flash developer (as i suppose you are), you have to admit, that the guy is completely correct.

    One problem with flash is, that it claims to make the browser superfluous. Due to the lack of support by macromedia, most of the flashers out there fail to do so. And that is not because they are dull or something. It is a really huge and underestimated task which takes a lot of effort and knowledge. (If it is possible at all, since flash still lacks some important features)

    You know, i love flash, but i also know its problems. My hope is, that macromedia learns a lot from the dylan-lesson.

  2. If you remove some of the malicious overtones to his statements, sure, there is a lot of truth there.

    Time will tell… if they (MM) don’t, I’ll just learn whatever makes that possible. I dropped Director like a ton a bricks when it couldn’t do what we wanted. I’d do the same to Flash if it meant surviving and/or prospering.

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