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Am I the only one who’s not done with Flash MX? With Central coming down the pipe, and Royale soon after, I’m constantly losing time.

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  1. Just because MM keeps coming out with new stuff, it doesn’t mean people will immediately use it. In fact pepole like you are so far ahead of the average producers that–to them–you look like some time traveler from the future.

    It may feel overwhelming but realize Central (or the next new thing) is the creation of a lot of people spending a lot of time. It’s not like you have to through out the old stuff you’re doing. In fact, many new things that are presented as the next great thing end up being yesterday’s old fish or something. Take Shockmachine. Not only is this SIMILAR to Central… but anyone who did development for it probably considers now that it was a waste of time. Mainly because it’s now unsupported and about as interesting as yesterday’s news. Here’s a list of other flops (with all due respect to those who worked very hard–remember, things sometimes flop despite being really cool):
    –Macromedia’s video editor (I think it’s what turned into Final Cut Pro).
    –Extreme 3D
    –Sound Edit 16…well, not really a flop just dead from non-movement.
    –Micheal Moore’s TV show.

    So, I’m not saying Central or Royale is going to fade. Well, okay, it WILL fade… but it may fade so slowly that it turns out to be the next killer app. My point, however, is that if you believe all the marketing buzz then yeah, you’re slipping into the past. But, in fact, you and most of your colleques are doing just fine. Plus, there’s still only 25 hours (plus a fraction) in every day. People think they’re more busy “these days” but in fact we have so much more lesiure time it’s not even funny.


  2. I thought about Central from that prospect of the internet buzz. “People will spend all this money on stuff.”

    …uh yeah, but don’t they already spend money? Where is all this new revnue gonna come from?


    My target market for Central is developers, anyway, so if it flops, I make out good anyway: learned a lot about Flash, helped the developer community, and maybe make some dough while she lasts.

    Still, I appreciate your perspective because it certainly does make me look over stressed and silly by not putting things into perspective; forrest for the trees kind of thing.

    I guess, though, that the 5 months I was unemployed I never want to let happen again. If it means that I have to start my own MM clone company just to get enough respect that if I get laid off from my own company like the Green Goblin did in Spiderman, that I can still easily find a job elsewhere. Stability is paramount for me, and I am determined to get it any way possible. If it means being a time traveler just to gain clout, so be it. Still, it’d be nice to take advantage of this leisure time you speak of.

    Shockmachine certainly looked nice; I just think that everyone and their mom formed anti-shock remote cults. That thing was more invasive and annoying than Comet Cursor.

    I don’t think that I’m throwing out Flash and Flashcom, but rather, there are so many envolpes yet left to push, but more horizons recently opening that are available in which to choose where to push them. It’s a good thing, fer sure, just frustrating I’m not the Flash.

    Maybe I should quit using speed.

  3. remember when the Amiga and Atari lasted for more than 7 to 8 years without any improvement hardware side? at the end of this reign, some people were really pushing the limits!!! what even the constructors (at these computers launch) said it wasn’t possible to achieve!!

    coders were precise, clean and quite high flyers! , the less you rush, the more you fundamentally learn…

    let’s go sloooowww for the week end!

  4. Well, I’ll be in Savannah Georgia (for real this time), a quiet beach town with an artsy flair in a ruraly part of Goergia (I think). Therefore, I doubt I’ll have an opportunity to go too fast. I mean, I have a chapter due Sunday, but I’m supposed to be on vacation, so we’ll see.

    I’m too high strung to reach Nirvana. Maybe when I’m 80, I’ll get a glance at her.

  5. Keyword is “Legacy”

    I’m hoping that Central will last longer than other “Good idea” apps that hit the shelves via Macromedia (ie Spectra, SiteSpring etc).

    Its one thing to market and idea and build up its pre-hype, but if it doesnt pull its weight or it impacts on our existing application(s) we the developers (who make the decisions) will cain the hell out of such apps and basically give a MM notice that until its fixed or robust enough only then will we take it onboard.

    Having said all that, I am looking forward to having my hands on central as god knows building initial frameworks are a pain in the ass and after the 100th time you have done one, you tend go “surely there is a formular that i can use to do this”.

    Time wise? I’m like you in that I always shift to project idea after another. I’ve been handed really cool ideas and gone “yeah i’ll work with you on that!” and within a week or two weeks, I come up with a better / newer idea and my attitude to the old one shifts.

    I tend to find Sleeping a waste of my time, I wish i could just take a no sleeping pill which replenishes my body in a healthy way and allows me the full 24hrs in a day.

    Flash MX owns, but with FlashCom / CFMX server hooks, you got to expect it to eventually be more of a Application tool then a simple “Multimedia” based one :D

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