Royale Split (Clone)

I agree with Phillip’s comment, but then again, a CEO has to lace his words with marketing to entice peeps. Still, after the initiali argument on that one MM peeps blog about “taking away the timeline!?”, I still keep hope that I can switch to design mode while in Royale at any time. Not saying I know certain things *ahem* but I sure hope I can play both worlds of developement while in Royale. Designing and Coding.

I know it’s a must, though. I’ve heard more complaints in all levels of skillset message boards and lists about how programmers hate the timeline bs. *sigh* I mean, Director did ok. Hell, it had multi-threading on it’s multiuser server! I’m sure it will be phat, I guess I am just lamenting my lost innocence.

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  1. “If you’re a hardcore programmer, you really want a tool to use in a server environment, especially as content merges with logic in next-generation applications” from what i heard royale is a server tool that lets you serialize xml data (xforms+css?) into swf. dunno what the timeline or “design mode” has to do with that

  2. Well, they didn’t say it was Flash MX 2. However, why would they? Look at what happened to FireFly and Breeze. Macromedia makes these cool products. We developers make cool things with these products. Macromedia then purchases those to maintain and market and distribute. Tight concept.

    Other end of the spectrum: Admin API for Flashcom. You can write your own front-end or extend the existing one. Or even Central: write a Flash app to work within that framework.

    I believe Royale, since what I earlier thought it was isn’t the case, is an extension of that if what you say is true. Why write a Flash front-end for generating SWF’s when you just provide the underlying code to do so as well as the XML Schema, and let the development community do it themselves. Phat concept.

    …if I’m wrong, though, and it truly is Flash MX 2; or at least an extension of it, then at least a larger influx of hardcore programmers will be a good thing.

    Hopefully, too, Google can search the XML easier than a SWF, too.

  3. “dunno what the timeline or “design mode” has to do with that”

    …actually, that’s my point. Cool, but scary at the same time they don’t have a GUI to utilize the creation of these XML files. XML Notepad blows, and Dreamweaver MX isn’t hardcore for XML creation.

  4. As I am one Phillip… to what comment are you referring?

    One of mine?


  5. after all, all we know is some vague marketing blah blah, so most of this is pure speculation. i’m glad though that macromedia moves more towards standards.

  6. If you are interested in seeing what Royale may do for you, someday, you might want to take a look at <a href=””>Laszlo Systems</a>, which lets you build XML-based internet apps with the power of a desktop app, today. [Full disclosure: I am a Laszlo employee.]

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