Dynamic Masks

Some people had asked for this file today. I emailed it to them, but just in case anyone is interested, I was playing with dynamic masks in Flash last summer. <a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/downloads/JXL%20dynamic%20masks.fla”>Here is the file</a> (or you can download from the left).

As I look at the code, and I balk at how it’s written, it’s nice to know I’ve improved. Why is it programmers always look at their code and go, “Who in the f)*$% wrote that!?! … oh… I did…”

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  1. Heck, something! …seriously, though, yeah, I’d try my best to make it a component and allow you to point to graphics in your library with all kinds of parameters to set.

    …work for another day…

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