Director MX Woez

Ok, I can connect to my Flashcom server inside of Director MX, but I can’t for the life of me get a Flash video sprite to appear with a Camera attached to it, nor make the settings panel appear by sprite(1).settingsPanel(1). WTF!?!?!?!……….

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  1. Dar dar DAR!!!

    It doesn’t work unless it’s Direct To Stage.

    … I am now recalling what I so missed about Director: The 50 million little tricks you have to know to get shite to work. I remember escaping in college to Director to get away from HTML because it had that same precept and yet, I ended up following that very path.

  2. Also, the sprite has to be big enough too.

    I’m doing some Director MX/new Flash stuff right now too and, yeah, there are some workarounds.


  3. How in the f*($% do you do a for prop in obj loop in Director MX on a Flash object? My onStatus functions are useless without knowing what the object is…???

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