Why Robotlegs For Games?

Why Robotlegs for Games?

The following covers why you would utilize the Robotlegs MVC architecture in a lightweight, Lua game for Corona. I’ll discuss the refactoring reasoning, the common problems you run across in game architecture, and their solutions with their pro’s and con’s discussed. Finally, I conclude on how Robotlegs helps solve these common issues, specifically in a Lua & Corona context.

I’ve started the port of Robotlegs to Lua to work in Corona if you’re interested in learning more.

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Corona Has Momentum, but Does it Have Money?


The following talks about the signs I’m seeing in the industry regarding technology changes and when it’s time to move to a new one. That time is now, I see the signs and describe them, albeit not necessarily as black and white as before. There are a multitude of options, but does the one I want, Corona, have the money to match it’s momentum?

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