Whitepaper on How to Learn a New & Unfamiliar Codebase

Michael Feathers released a whitepaper on learning a new & large code base. It provides 4 tactics in order you can use to better understand it quickly, and be productive and 3 tactics to start working. I’ve had this happen a lot, and in the past in consulting and freelance. I’ve tried a variety of techniques, so this paper is neat in that it’s way better than mine, organized, and has co-contributors.

I _do_ have a few thoughts on it as well based on using some of these.


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Domain Modelling in the Cloud & AWS CDK

Gregor Hohpe discusses Domain Driven Design in Cloud, and hits 3 important topics:

  1. How the words you use enable design, and indicate what type of work culture you’re in, and incentives to use better words.
  2. How bad and difficult it is for Cloud providers to keep a consistent language, and to what degree they’ve created a decent set of words to describe their services, and how they could do better.
  3. How most people do NOT get how to use AWS CDK.
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