New Pet Horse

We got a new pet horse, his name is Arzoom but we call ‘em Zoom (her majesty thinking of new barn name). He’s 16.2 hands, 12 years old, is super chill, and rides extremely well. I know her majesty will rack up the ribbons from dressage and other jumping events with him.

Now to buy a truck to haul him and his friends around….

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How Do You Change UI Design When Testing it is Hard?

TDD in non-UI: “Man, this code requires a lot of stubs just to make 1 function call. This API design is bad, I should fix it”.

TDD in UI: “Man, this code requires a lot of stubs, I should fix. Hey Visual Designer, can you… no? Ok. Hey API designer… can you? No… ok.”

This is one reason of many why UI developers like back-end for front-ends. When testing your UI, having to stub 20 http requests + 2 JWT tokens just to show 1 screen is painful. Having just 1 or 3 API’s for a screen is so much easier, and makes your tests less likely to break in the future.

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