TypeScript Enum’s vs Discriminated Unions

In this article I wanted to compare and contrast Enum‘s and Discriminated Unions in TypeScript and compare them to each other. In my Object Oriented Programming days, we’d occasionally to never use Enums, whether they were native to the language or emulated. Nowadays, in my Functional Programming groove, I use Discriminated Unions all the time, whether native to the language or emulated. TypeScript is interesting in that it supports both natively.

Update: I have a video version of this article.

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Getting Tailwind to Work with Elm Book

Trying to help build a design system at work in my spare time; no clue if it will go anywhere but it’s fun regardless. I asked the Elm Slack group what the equivalent of React Storybook is in Elm land. Specifically, I wanted a way to build a documentation website like Vuepress with the ability to host native Elm code to showcase components. They pointed me to Elm Book. While Elm Book has built-in theming capabilities, I needed CSS control over my components. While they support elm-css, I wanted the ability to use TailwindCSS. The Elm libraries haven’t kept up with Tailwind’s changes, which is fine; writing raw Tailwind CSS on Elm HTML functions is easy and co-located with the component you’re styling.

However, getting it to work in elm-live, which elm-book wraps, was a bit challenging. I wanted to layout how to get this to work in case you’d like to use Tailwind or your own CSS framework.

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