Body Beast Bulk – 1.1.2020 – 4.4.2020


I did another round of Body Beast, Bulk version. It’s a body building routine that lasts about 3 months. I did the Lean version last year before my 40th birthday. This year, I wanted to see how lean I can get. I also found out from last year I had lost 9 lbs from simply not eating as much (basically skipping breakfast) and doing a little cardio for fun. Sadly my measurements showed that I had about the same amount of body fat, meaning a lot of my weight was muscle. Still, clothes did feel better and doing cardio things for fun was easier too.

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Write Unbreakable Python

In this article, I’ll show you how to write Python with no runtime exceptions. This’ll get you partway to writing code that never breaks and mostly does what it’s supposed to do. We’ll do this by learning how to apply functional programming to Python. We’ll cover:

  • ensure functions always work by learning Pure Functions
  • avoid runtime errors by return Maybes
  • avoid runtime errors in deeply nested data using Lenses
  • avoid runtime errors by return Results
  • creating pure programs from pure functions by Pipeline Programming
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