XBox 360 Controller Disconnects Solution: New Batteries

I was playing Gears of War on my XBox 360, and randomly, the controller would just disconnect. I’d be in the middle of a firefight, about to p@wn a n00b, and suddenly, my character wouldn’t move, and I’d see the “Please reconnect your controller” appear on the middle of the screen… ack!

At first I thought it was my mic attachment not attaching properly; it’s got a pretty flimsy attachment to the bottom of your wireless controller. Unplugging it, though, didn’t solve my issue. Looking online, I found a plethora of what I thought were similiar issues. It was hard to tell, but I think most were referring to the optional attachments you could get for XBox, not XBox 360. At first, I was happy to know I was not alone. Turns out, they were old forums with the new XBox 360 badges… bleh.

Frustrated, her majesty suggested I replace the batteries. In a foul mood, I showed her the XBox 360 menu said they were at half-power. I replaced ’em anyway with new batteries since I’m not really in charge anyway. It works now, no problems. Apparently it just needed fresh batteries.

Hopefully this’ll get on Google and be more prominent than the outdated articles that appear to be referring to the problem, but aren’t.

DDO Tank fer Hire

I usually stop playing games when I’m really hyped up about working on both professoinal & personal projects. When the pendulum swings the other way because of failure to meet goals thus causing me to be frustrated, stress from deadlines, or burn out, my gaming increases. The amount of gaming I do, usually, is inverserly proportional to the suck in my life. Usually; I like to play when I’m in a good mood too, it’s just easier to dissappear for an entire weekend when my Monday through Friday blew.

As such, I’ve been having challenges making accurate time estimations, clearly communicating intentions, and been generally overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to do. Getting around to follow through with my DDO uninstallation was low on my priority list. Thus, I fired it up one night, and found, generally, it is fun enough to play to allow me to escape from the bs of real life.

I’m a 4th level Dwarf Fighter, Kalorn Hotforge, on the Aundair server, Tank for hire if you are ever online and need a meat shield.