Post Microsoft MIX 2008 Thoughts

If you are in a hurry, here are some links with excerpts about the section.


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Mix n Mash 2k7, Bill Gates, Web, Blend, and Silverlight

I had the honor of being 1 of the lucky 10 invited to attend the Mix n Mash 2007 event held by Microsoft. This is the 2nd one. It’s an event where they invite you to Microsoft’s HQ to see what they are working on, give feedback, and meet Bill Gates.

Here’s a picture of the Mix n Mash invited attendee’s getting their picture taken with Bill Gates (I somehow got in there, booya!)

From left to right:

Jonathan Snook, Julie Lerman, Kelly Goto, Rob Howard, Bill Gates, Molly Holzschlag, Kip Kniskern, Jesse Warden (me!), Keith Peters and Erik Natzke

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Silverlight Controls

Check out these Silverlight control examples for both JavaScript (v1) and C# (v1.1) by Tim Heuer. I hate code behind, specifically the Flex implementation of the idea of separating your View from its implementation. The idea is you layout your GUI in MXML, and code it’s functionality in ActionScript. Gross.

However, I have an inkling most traditional programmers love it specifically because when it comes to Design vs. OOP, they’ll side with OOP. Not to mention .NET I think… like… works this way, hehe. I side with Design because of my Flash background. Either way, after seeing the example code in these posts, I have a much better appreciation for code behind and how it relates to Sliverlight’s implementation. Specifically how the View’s GUI layout is done in XAML, and that XAML can be used in both Design and Blend. Hotness.

If the Adobe CS suite would ever catch the heck up, we could be doing stuff like this. Imagine it:

– Designer makes comps in Photoshop or Fireworks
– Designer can animate and layout screens in Flash
– Flex or Flash Developer could then program ActionScript around those screens.

Vice-versa, the designer could design around the programmer’s implementation of screens. Agency vs. software shop work-flow, but either way. For now, us in the Adobe camp muddle through our production art / break up, and can only look on with envy.

Via Russell Myers.

Adobe Flex 2 Ad, FMUG Breezo, and Sparkle Doesn’t Suck

I’m catching up on the hilarity that can be gained by bequeathing anyone & everyone with a digital video camera and internet access over at Ebaum’s World last Friday evening and spot this Adobe ad on the right side.

You can attribute that to Adobe’s influx of marketting dollars vs. Macromedia‘s, attitude towards spending for advertising, or just plain luck. Regardless of the cause, you gotta admit that fuggin’ rocks!

BTW, if you’re bored, I’m fixin’ to speak about Flex 2 for the Flash and Multimedia Users Group of Arizona in 30 minutes (10:00pm eastern, GMT -5) via this Breeze link. Nevermind, rescheduled; I’ll blog the new time.

Oh yeah, and Sparkle doesn’t suck like Brandon Hall makes it sound. He’s just in love with his loosely typed ActionScript 1.0 and ability to play extremely well workflow-wise with his designer & partner in arms, Joshua Davis. Consider the source I say.

It’s atually neat! They just need to drastically improve the timeline, and I need to learn C# to back up my claims that it doesn’t suck since the real power is in the API.