Adobe Flex 2 Ad, FMUG Breezo, and Sparkle Doesn’t Suck

I’m catching up on the hilarity that can be gained by bequeathing anyone & everyone with a digital video camera and internet access over at Ebaum’s World last Friday evening and spot this Adobe ad on the right side.

You can attribute that to Adobe’s influx of marketting dollars vs. Macromedia‘s, attitude towards spending for advertising, or just plain luck. Regardless of the cause, you gotta admit that fuggin’ rocks!

BTW, if you’re bored, I’m fixin’ to speak about Flex 2 for the Flash and Multimedia Users Group of Arizona in 30 minutes (10:00pm eastern, GMT -5) via this Breeze link. Nevermind, rescheduled; I’ll blog the new time.

Oh yeah, and Sparkle doesn’t suck like Brandon Hall makes it sound. He’s just in love with his loosely typed ActionScript 1.0 and ability to play extremely well workflow-wise with his designer & partner in arms, Joshua Davis. Consider the source I say.

It’s atually neat! They just need to drastically improve the timeline, and I need to learn C# to back up my claims that it doesn’t suck since the real power is in the API.

2 Replies to “Adobe Flex 2 Ad, FMUG Breezo, and Sparkle Doesn’t Suck”

  1. Hey! I didn’t say it sucked! Also – I’ve been all AS2/3 for quite some time now!

    Ok, that’s enough exclamation marks for now.

    I never said Sparkle sucks. I don’t think it sucks – I just don’t think it’s all that and a bag of chips like MS wants everyone to think. For desktop apps – I think it’s quite interesting – I just wonder how much it will really benefit the end user.

    Now WPF/E – while I’m not going to out right say ‘sucks’ – isn’t nearly as impressive as I had hoped. It is sooo limited that it’s not even funny.

  2. In all fairness, the last AS specific comment I remember from you was a few months before MX 2004 came out, and you weren’t too happy the direction AS2 was headed, but we didn’t get to finish the conversation. In addition, that was February 2003 at the first MXDU; much has changed since then.

    While I admire your desire to please the end user, I’d like to call bs; if it’s fun, you’ll use it. Having the ability to create kick ass GUI’s with a really cool tool that works like After Effects would rock and there are tons of people who’d pay for that, user-testing or not. I’m not implying we’d convert, but certainly think it’d be fun as heck for the first 2 versions to moonlight as a Sparkle programmer.. that is, unless it really takes off.

    I mean, heck dude, I we get like Direct X in an AS3 like language, that’s off the hook! I’m assuming when you say it’s limited, you just mean it’s reach compared to the Flash Player.

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