Continuous Delivery

I gave a talk last Tuesday at the local JavaScript user group, RVA.js, about Continuous Delivery. I recorded the talk and put online for those who couldn’t make it. Description and supporting links below the video.

Continuous Delivery is a term from the Agile Manifesto written in 2001: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software”. There is now years of evidence to clearly show Continuous Delivery is the best way to deliver software. It also is shown to increase how quickly we can deliver.

This results in less team burnout, happier developers, and better performing businesses. This also means you don’t hate your code base in after 6 months, can change it without the constant fear of something breaking, and can use it with any programming language, UI or API framework, and company size.

However, there are tradeoffs, expectations, various strategies, and cultures required to make it work. Additionally, there are specific types of metrics we can use to determine ‘how are we doing’. Continuous Delivery is a journey of learning & constant iteration.

If you’re an Individual Contributor, you’ll learn a light introduction on the best way to develop software, regardless of JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular or React. If you’re an Engineering Manager, you’ll learn a basic roadmap on how your team should be delivering. If you’re in Quality Assurance, you’ll learn where you can focus your efforts to help. Jesse Warden will teach you the basic roadmap and additional learning resources on how you can incorporate Continuous Delivery into your existing or new projects, with resources to help get other stakeholders on board.


Dave Farley’s book “Continuous Delivery Pipelines”:

Team Topologies:

Martin Fowler on Continuous Integration:

DORA Metrics and State of DevOps Reports:

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