Not the Right Bike, Nor Horse

Day 3, attempt 3 and I _think_ I’m close to finally getting my back wheel back on my motorcycle. It’s been dangling via my pull up bar and a ladder for about 5 days now. “30 minutes” they said…

Speaking of failures but trying anyway, her majesty has been looking for a horse to call her own. She leases 1 now, but has been trying some the past few months. About the same cost of a motorcycle but higher monthly upkeep, and each one is completely unique. They’re like a house; you just “know” if it’s the right one. I loved the last one, but her majesty had the complete opposite reaction. She’s seriously frustrated and disappointed. Me too. However I know she’ll find one she digs. The one she leases now does wonders for the mind same as my current bike.

Saving grace was they had 2 donkeys I could pet, a nice goat, a llama who kept stealing the love, and this fat pig who didn’t like me so I chased.