Node, Bower, Grunt n00b Cheat Sheet

Automated dependency management and build systems are often something you spend a lot of time on up front, and never touch again. As such, you sometimes have a harder time remembering the commands + their relevant options since you don’t do it every day. I wanted all 3, npm, Bower, and Grunt printed out on my office wall so I could refer to both for myself, and for others who need a quick start. Specifically for front-end JavaScript developers either inheriting a project, or starting to setup the basics of a build & deployment system for their own project who have no experience with the above 3. Obviously moot point for you Yeoman slingers. In a subsequent post I’ll go over a crash course in setting up your own project.

Download the Node, Bower, Grunt Cheat Sheet

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  1. Thank you for introducing this amazing workflow to us.
    Just pointing out that this PDF has quite an amount of typos. It would be great to have them fixed. :)

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