Fuel Shortage in Georgia?

In central Atlanta, driving home from a friends house, my wife calls.

“My friend came over, but there was no gas on the way here.  She doesn’t have enough to make it home.”

“No worries, I’ll stop by a place on the way home, buy a tank, and fill it up.  At worse, I’ll just siphon out the rest of my tank which’ll have at least 2 gallons (7.5 liters) and she can have it.”

From central Atlanta to 40 miles north, 8 gas stations, 3 highways, and 4 exits later only 2 gas stations had fuel.  Each had a line stretching around them, and as I found at the second one, a lot didn’t have any fuel, just a lot of people thinking it did, waiting in line for no purpose.

I stopped at the local Walmart, which is a human zoo I might add, and purchased a 5 gallon holding tank (the two 1 gallon’s I purchased wasn’t going to cut it), and a tank siphon with attached pump.  However, upon trying it, I believe both my Honda Civic and her majesty’s CRV are both ciphon proof; both the tube and dipstick would get stuck 3 feet in, touching no fuel.  I found a 1/2 gallon in the garage I would typically use use for the lawn mower.  Waiting for her call to ensure she got home ok.

The good news is there is no shortage of Mongolian Beef on my plate, nor shortage of beer in my fridge.


2 Replies to “Fuel Shortage in Georgia?”

  1. She did get home okay! She also eventually found gas but had to wait for a long while to get it.

    I went the next day, waited in line for 30 minutes only to find out the guy in front of me just emptied out the one I was waiting for. Sydney started to cry so I left.

  2. Yeah man. I found gas this morning and took about an hour to get it. My brother’s coming to town and I reassured him that he’d be able to get gas to make it up to North Carolina- I’m not feeling very secure about that right now!

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