Adobe PC & Mobile Biz Units Merge; Where’s David Mendels Going?

Via Bobby from the Flash Mobile Group. Sounds more like management transition & shuffling if you read the press release.

…the Mobile and Devices Business Unit will be folded under Adobe’s Experience and Technology group.

This group is under Kevin Lynch, so I’m sure it’ll be successful. That’s not why I care, though. What caught my attention is David Mendels (PDF) is leaving at the end of this month. ZOMG!

For context, he was one of the main dudes in charge of Macromedia’s server products, aka Flex a few years back, right when Flex was being born. He even made some public appearances at conferences and blog comments to talk it up. I had about 3 short personal meetings, and more email conversations with him over the early years of Flex.

The reason I respect David is the same reason I respect Lucian Beebe. He had a confident, steady story about Flex’ business positioning as well as how it was being marketed. Whether I was speaking from the heart, or just baiting him, both online and in person, I felt he respected me as a customer regardless of yearly revenue. He didn’t bs, either. Straight shooter.

Curious where he’s going.

In other news, Kevin Towes, the Product Manager for Flash Media Server, has started a blog.

2 Replies to “Adobe PC & Mobile Biz Units Merge; Where’s David Mendels Going?”

  1. Lucian Beebe was/is da man.. Miss his mark on this industry…he’s now a Director of Product Management at

    Scott Barnes

  2. Hi Jesse,

    I’ve been with the company 16 years now, joining Macromedia the week it was formed from the merger of Macromind*Paracomp and Authorware. I’ve had an incredible run, but decided that I wanted to slow down for a year and spend more time with family. As you may know, I live on the East Coast in Boston, but most of my team is on the West Coast and the constant travel is a big tax on life and family.

    So for now, no plans at all. I am still here through the summer and then I will take some time before I even start to think about what is next.

    I’ve had a blast working with the Flash and Flex communities (and helping to start Flex) now for 10+ years, and I will really miss it.


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