Sydney Elizabeth Warden

Sydney Elizabeth Warden

My new baby girl, Sydney Elizabeth Warden, was born Friday, September 7th at 4:16 pm Eastern time weighing in at 8 pounds (3.6 kilos). Her majesty and baby are now resting at home and doing great. I’m still in shock she’s my daughter, and really excited as well. Being a dad is already really cool.

Gotta say, those medical personnel down at the Northside Hospital’s Women’s Center do phenomenal jobs. Even after delivering an average of 70 babies a day earning them the title of “Baby Factory of the South”, they still retain great attitudes, aren’t desensitized to bringing new life into this world, and really work hard at their jobs as a team. Very impressive.

Not as impressive as my wife, though, holy crap. I’m the luckiest dude on the planet.

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  1. As a proud dad of two myslef… I have to say CONGRATS! Being a dad is a bit crazy (say hello to sleeplessness and lots of drool) but way cool, too.

  2. Congratulations. It’s pretty cool. I definitely miss the tiny-baby stage, but also, it keeps getting better too.

  3. Hi Jesse, my heartiest congratulations dude! Getting promoted to Father is a wonderful experience. One has to go through it to understand its pride. May God bless the little one with lots of love, best health & joy. Congrats again!

  4. Congratulations Jesse (and Brandy),

    I’m a recent daddy, too. My daughter Lyra Melodya is 7 months now and just a joy. I’m sure your daughter will be smart as a whip, brilliant and beautiful. So wonderful, so wonderful.

    I wish all the people of the planet would remember their babies before they pick up their guns…

    Peace to you and your new family.

  5. Hey Jessy,

    Congratulations for your new baby!, I see your picture with your daughter and I can’t avoid to feel a million things hehehe, as I am going to be a father too for the first time in less than two months also to a baby girl.

    I wish you all the best, looking forward to exchange some parenthood tips next time I see you.


  6. Congratulations Jesse.

    Be prepared for the ride of a lifetime.

    And best wishes to Her majesty, also.


  7. Congratulations!

    As a veteran dad of 2 years, all I can say is:
    Hang in there
    Have fun
    Cherish each day
    Sleep when you can
    Don’t work so much

    Uh, sorry to go into full Dear Abbey mode … ;)

  8. Congrats and enjoy fatherhood. Nothing can be more frustrating and rewarding at the same time, it’s all worth it though. Soak up all the memories cause time will fly by, it has with my 3 kids.

  9. Congrats man! Welcome to the club (of friends of mine that have babies!)

    She’s a cutie, too. Special thanks to her majesty for carrying her for nine months!

  10. Guess I’m coming late to the party (this is what I get for not keeping up on people’s blogs :)) Congratulations! You’re going to love fatherhood!

  11. Congratlations!!! I just found out you & Brandi also have a little bundle of joy…she’s beautiful…happy birthday Sydney! Hope you can come out to visit us in Cali soon.


  12. Wow! I just found out about your new baby! So cute…nice name, btw ;) Congrats to both you and your wife.


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