No One Likes Our Flash Video Codecs

No Flash on iPhone

For the record, “reports coming out” is not a valid citation.

h.264? Give me a break. Hey, look ma, that’s On2… DROPPING THE F’ING BALL! Or maybe Adobe? Who’s accountable? Who cares? I do!!!!11

I wish we could get a solid response instead of all of these uncited rumors. Regardless, I can no longer take the suspense, and am going to put a bullet in my head. The good news is, I do a decent Peter Petrelli impression, and I’ve briefly been around Claire (stole the ho’s glowsticks at a club). So, when someone gets an iPhone with Flash running on it, take the bullet out of my head and I’ll wise fum ma gwave to code another day!

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  1. ‘I wish we could get a solid response instead of all of these uncited rumors.’

    Me too. When I ask internally, the reply I get is ‘Steve Jobs will announce Apple products’. The NDA runs deep.

    Me, I know that a device that promises support for ‘Web 2.0 strandareds’ needs to support current web content. I can’t tell what Apple’s doing, though.


  2. The whole issue of apps on the iPhone is hilarious. Developers of all people are the last ones you should feed a line of crap to. If you don’t have a solution yet, thats fine; just tell us the truth. I would rather hear, ‘We’ll we’re not quite sure yet, we are working diligently on an Application deployment strategy for the iPhone. So hang tight and we’ll let you know when we get a timeline set’ Instead we get, ‘If you want to write some apps for the iPhone, just use safari, it has ‘AJAX’ *cue the audience applause*.’ Basically a brush off and an insult to our intelligence all in one. Thanks Steve!

  3. I wonder if I’m wrong in thinking the iphone will flop initially? Expensive, over the top and the hard drive memory (4gb or 8gb right?) not enough for the average modern consumer, the fact apple don’t seem to be opening it up either… Nokia phones IMO will continue to lead the way for the next couple of years

  4. it seems impossible to me that Flash content wouldn’t be supported eventually. Apple loves their Quicktime and will push it every chance they get, but they can’t deny the pervasiveness of Flash video on the web…it’s everywhere. And the same for application development, everyone knows AJAX is great for widgets but not ‘serious’ apps. No wonder devs are pissed. I think Flash/Flex support would appease them a bit and adding that support to the iPhone seems trival (but i could be wrong of course)

    I believe both Flash and AIR will be supported on the iPhone based on these five things:
    1. My gut feelings
    2. The Flash Platform is an integral part of ‘web 2.0’
    3. The non-answer JD received – the NDA runs deep for a reason
    4. Both AIR and iPhone use WebKit
    5. Jesse can’t be dead.

    the iPhone won’t flop, but there will be the usual bitching about a first gen product. But overall I think it will still be a success and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  5. I’m fairly conservative about these things, especially the first gen, but everytime the commercial comes on I am ready to sign up. Thank god for contracts ;)

  6. I highly doubt Adobe dropped the ball. FLV isfairly ubiquitous and royaltyfree (providing you stick the to the proper codecs…)

    My gut feeling is that it has more to do with Apple wanting to get more content playing on Quicktime rather than on Adobe Flash players. It’s a foregone conclusion that FLV practically owns the streaming video segment of the internet, a place that Quicktime has long since lost. Maybe Apple has plans to curb the propagation of FLV to it’s consumer devices to whatever extent that it can. We see this on the Apple TV product as well.

  7. Could you please elaborate on the ‘I’ve briefly been around Claire (stole the ho’s glowsticks at a club)’ story? Its gotta be good :)

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