4 Replies to “Flash on the iPhone via Quicktime: Part Deux”

  1. thanks for the update Jesse — was wondering how this thread would pan out once folks had time to hack a bit — very interesting — this is still flash 5 right?

  2. Checking: The title’s mention of ‘iPhone’ is not connected at all to that older version of Macromedia Flash Player installed in desktop QuickTime… correct?

    (In other words, you haven’t seen any old SWF play via QT in iPhone, true? We’ve got two different subjects here: QT on laptops, and QT in iPhone. Or did I misunderstand…?)

    tx, jd/adobe

  3. The Safari browser on the iPhone does not support Flash content (SWF/FLV), nor does using QuickTime embedded in an HTML page to render Flash 5 SWF content. I’ve tried numerous web pages on my iPhone and it doesn’t work.

  4. ‘Gary Rosenzweig Says:
    June 30th, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    John: Right. These are JavaScript. I had some games up for testing that were Flash 5 embedded into QuickTime, but they didn

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