360Flex Schedule Flash Lite 2 App

For an up to date conference schedule on your phone / device, I’ve created this Flash Lite 2 app. It’s better than the paper they gave you because it updates from this XML file. Therefore, if there are any changes in the schedule, we can update the XML file, and the he app will have the most up to date schedule. I’m a little cracked out from Denny’s-the-morning-after, so bear with me. I also left my good pixel fonts at home, so am waiting for new, better ones to arrive in my inbox. For updates, check the bottom of this blog entry; don’t forget to refresh your browser.

Here’s the SWF.

Don’t have a Flash Lite 2 enabled phone? No worries! Just keep this page open in a browser tab next to Twitter.

For Nokia, Windows Mobile, and PSP devices, go here and click the downloads tab to get Flash Lite.

*** Update: Changed download SWF to Flash Lite 2.1, site SWF to Flash 7.

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