Dynamic Flash Example – 1 of 3: Amazon

For those that attended Tuesday night’s Adobe Flash Platform User Group meeting, here are the 3 examples I promised to post. Sorry took so long.

If you didn’t attend, these are 3 examples that show how to use just a little code to access dynamic data in Flash using AS1 and AS2. A significant amount of companies have started releasing data to be used via public API’s. This data can be used by Flash to create cool, quick little widgets or even mini-applications. Hopefully these small examples will show you how you can access this data without being a programmer.

Amazon.com has a great developer API. Using just a little ActionScript 1 code, you can quickly create Flash widgets that access their swath of services. This example shows how to utilize Amazon’s API via loading variables via LoadVars and then parsing just a bit of the XML that comes back. This particular example gets a list of books that relate to “cows”.

Amazon Dynamic Flash 8, AS1 – Source ZIP