Flex Community Pulse Survey Results

Being anonymous is l@m3. Besides, cflex.net is getting hammered. lol, 404!

1. At what stage of technology selection does Flex play in your immediate team?

– Fully committed

2. How long have you been using Flex?

– 2 years+

3. What would you consider your expertise level?

– Advanced

4. Outside of Flex, what have been and continue to be your primary technologies?

– Flash

5. Do you use the Flex Data Services (FDS) product?

– No

6. When it comes to Flex, what did you used to struggle with, that you no longer have problems with?

– Dynamic layout. Using declaritive layout in Flex with it’s built-in LayoutManager saves me oodles of time when doing GUI’s. CSS inheritance helps too.

7. When it comes to Flex, what are you currently struggling with, or wish were improved, made better, had more of, etc…

– Integration of Flash designs.

8. How many years have you been programming in general?

– 6-10 years

9. How many developers are in your immediate team?

– n/a – unemployed (if I was, 1-5)

10. How many employees are at your company?

– n/a – (if I was employed 101-150)

11. Has Flex been adopted by your entire company/top level business unit as a primary technology?

– Yes

12. What prevents your company from taking things further with Flex?

– Nothing, we’re 100% Flex or bust!

2 Replies to “Flex Community Pulse Survey Results”

  1. Just wondering how it’s possible that you’ve programming for an undetermined amount of time with a 4 year range. I mean, give or take 1 year is one thing, but 4? :)

  2. Sorry Jed, I had no idea what you were talking about until her majesty said that same thing about my answers being weird. I copied, verbatim, the selections I was provided. So, while the range may seem weird, they are radio buttons, I can’t choose more specific answers.

    It would of helped if I had linked to the survey for context, sorry about that.

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