Interview with Sys-Con

I went to the 5th floor, the Exhibition Room, to get some coffee and see if I could help at the booth. Snagged my wife from the 4th, got the coffee n’ biscuit goods, and headed up.

I figured since I had some time to kill before lunch since everyone from the keynote was on 3 and 4 in sessions, I did some recon. I wandered around to the various booths, making my way towards Google’s. I ran into Jeremy Geelan at the ColdFusion Developers’ Journal Booth. We chatted about the mornng session amongst other things, and he figured we’d do an interview.

I was still on my first cup of coffee, small one at that, and have a scratchy voice from last night so appear under the weather, but I feel just great. I managed to find Paul Reilly I think his name was from the Flex mxmlc compiler team. It was great to talk to him, so I did so for hours, thus hurting my voice; it was worth it. The interview was your usual Adobe stuff, relevant about the current conferece and applicable to the industry.

I am now finished with lunch, sitting in one of the developer chill areas. I’m on the floor so my wife can have a bean bag – Count of Monte Cristo style. This place is packed, yo!

Gotta do some more recon; I really want to see some of the various vendor booths. I know I’ll see a celebrity, though, and just end up chatting for too long. Ah, here’s Leif, gotta jet.