Google at MAX

I saw Google’s booth at MAX, and was really curious. Before the interview with Sys-Con, I asked Jeremy what the heck was Google doing here. I remember seeing a couple postings for Flash / Flex stuff at Google, but haven’t really paid attention. He said recruiting, and he’d seen them doing the same thing at other conferences.

Today I finally had some time over coffee, so went to see their booth. I didn’t introduce myself and I could tell they were waiting for me to do so. Asking them to corraborate the HR on site, they did. They were mainly like 2 HR people and one web team looking for a front-end developer, HTML and CSS. Didn’t see JavaScript / AJAX so that raised some weird flags.

Anyway, asked them what they were doing here. They said to expose products as well as look for potential candidates. Although they were specifically looking for a web developer since they had the team there, they were looking for others as well. They HR lady directed me to a geek to answer some questions more technical. I discussed the apps I use, she asked about Sketch.

That was it. Pretty quick. Uncomfortable. Missed expectations. I think they could sense my unease but I tried my best to be cool.

I think they were waiting for me to seem interested or refer someone vs. doing reacon. They were nice, cordial, and polite. I don’t know any web developers so we parted ways.

Nice to see Google here, but uncomfortable nonetheless. Like IBM, Google’s a big company, and the nice HR lady confirmed that there are many different divisions so I’m sure if I found some Flash / Flex dudes in house, we’d hit it off.

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