Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux & Windows Vista

Figured I’d join in on the MXNA pounding as well as do my part to spread the good cheer to the wider world. Adobe has released a Flash Player 9 beta build for Linux and Windows Vista (use Vista, meet the chick in the field) on the Adobe Labs which you can download now.

For you nix heads:

  • Mike talks about the potential Linux distribution
  • Matt Chotin touches on debugging
  • Tinic Uro gives a lot of up to date background on his feelings towards the good and bad like device fonts, Xembed, peformance, and 64bit plans
  • Emmy Huang has a rundown on more technical info and known issues
  • Info on using Flex 2 on Linux with an Linux additions in the FAQ

It also includes the new fullscreen option for Windows and Mac if you haven’t tested that out yet.

If you are bored, go download and test on existing content. Remember, next to ubiquity, Flash Player’s 2nd hottest feature is backwards compatibility. Go make sure she still works on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Maps, Albino Black Sheep, Newgrounds, and any other SWF applications you can think of. Any issues, shoot ’em here.

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  1. Actaully, the Linux player doesn’t yet have support for the Full Screen feature … re Emmy’s blog post – Full-screen mode is not available for the Linux player yet. This feature will be implemented for the final release.



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