Yahoo! Messenger Plugin First Attempt… Failed

I attempted to get a working plugin with the Yahoo! Messenger Plugin SDK via the new beta version of Yahoo! Messenger that Justin mentioned. There were a few inconsistencies and issues with the documentation, but they used the “B” word, so I’ll be nice.

There was no registry file so I modified the keys myself. The participant code wasn’t clear on where you are supposed to put it. The example code is also missing a ) preventing it from running. Finally, the ActiveX control section is the most confusing thing I’ve seen in my entire life. If you want to make JavaScript look like Perl, there is a great example. Bottom line, you do NOT need the ActiveX code to make Flash work. You just embed your SWF and you’re good to go.

However, the ExternalInterface isn’t working for me. I posted a bug to the mailing list, but am still awaiting moderation (1st post is moderated). The __flash__addCallback function for ExternalInterface is failing.

So, I instead used the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit instead. This worked; I could send some debug messages to Flash to see in a custom textfield, so I know it was working.

However, my onPluginMessage wasn’t getting fired via an IM message. So, I tried using the IMRecieved event, but it kept saying the object doesn’t support this property ( yahoo.SetEventHandler(“IMReceived”, On_IMReceived); ).

That’s bs because the line above it uses PluginMessage one just fine, so my guess is the class is throwing some exception. I couldn’t tell if that event was allowed in a Tab window or a SidePanel… the example code wasn’t really clear what was allowed where; kept mentioning “another plugin instance”.

After 4 hours, I gave up. Hopefully they can answer some questions on the list.

Anyone get farther than I did?

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