Mediatemple Has No Plans for Flex Data Services Hosting

*** Update 7.14.2006: Got an official update.

(mt) Media Temple currently has plans for turn-key hosted Flex Data Services solutions. Although we don’t have a confirmed timeline for the rollout of these products please be assured they are in our pipeline and will be prioritized based on customer demand.

*** Update 7.12.2006: Been shooting emails back and forth with David Feinberg, a Product Manager at Mediatemple. He says they DO have plans, and are working on getting FDS setup. w00t! ***

I just asked Mediatemple sales and got a response. More specifically:

…To answer your questions specifically; at this time we don’t have any immediate plans to upgrade. Please check with our site or with me at a later time. …

Anyone know of any hosting companies that plan on doing Flex Data Services hosting?