What You Want to Hear From a Client

A client I did some Flash work for 6 months ago sent me an email today inquiring about more potential work. It was a small engine to play a series of SWF’s in a loop; when one SWF is done playing, the next plays, and this process repeats indefinately. These SWF’s would be created by various developers. A simpler version (on purpose) of my CaptivatePlayer. It is used in this particular instance to showcase advertising on a plasma in various stores in New York.

Here is a quote from the email:

… I wanted to let you know your script has been running
flawlessly 24/7 for FOUR MONTHS. …

I love Flash

2 Replies to “What You Want to Hear From a Client”

  1. well done!
    it would add credbility if the client could actually spell MONTHS :)

    I’ve made a similar thing previously, xml powered where the content was updated on a regular basis, but never had a chance to run it for that long as I scheduled a daily reboot in schedued tasks. The scary thing was a potential memory leak that would grind the PC to a halt.

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