Dynamic Icons in a ComboBox

Wrote this example for a gent on the Flashcoders list. Didn’t want an orphan page on my site, so linking to it from here. Shows how to use a cellrenderer in a ComboBox to show an icon. I should of only changed in the icon in the setValue function if it changed, like so:

if(lastIcon != item.icon)
   lastIcon = item.icon;

That would of prevented the flicker you see when you roll over the items. The more I code in Flash, the more I love Flex. Flash is still faster though, no doubt.

Icon in a ComboBox using a cellrenderer

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  1. I’m pretty sure you could get rid of the blinking via BitmapData class. Naturally, I’m just pointing this out instead of doing the legwork.

  2. I got rid of the flicker by using this code gleaned from minorgod on sephroth’s forum. Thanks for your example.

    item.loaded_once = true;

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