BA Diploma 2005

…and 6 months later, the proof. The piece of paper that proves to people with whom I have never met that I am certified to most likely not be an idiot.

Am I a better coder because of receiving this degree? No. Do other people who have never met me think so now that I have this? Yes.

I’ve walked, and now been certified. Onward!

7 Replies to “BA Diploma 2005”

  1. Congratulations.

    That’s me in 3.1 years, I hope… with a BA in Digital Interface Design.

    I do agree with you on the certification thing. I’ve been working on my field for 11 years and I’ve met way too many people that think I’m a lesser person because I don’t have a piece of paper hanging on my wall. Duh.

  2. I wouldn’t discount the degree. Sure, two people with equal skills may earn the same degree (or any other combination such as one smart one dumb person where only the dumb person has a degree). But you got whatever you put into it.

    Personally, I value my degree more now than when I first earned it a million years ago. The weird thing though is that while I often imagine it’d be fun to go back to school it’s not going to happen for me.

    Anyway, I’ll bet it makes you a better coder in ways you just don’t know. Congrats.

    P.S. That’s not a degree from Robert Reinhardt?

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