Pandora F’ing Rocks

Caught this link from JD about Pandora, and read up about it at the Australian. Man, awesome RIA. It’s a song recommendation system. You type in an artist you like, and it recommends songs by other artists you’ll like, NOT based on sales patterns, but by actual song characteristics. A lot like Tivo, except for songs. Done in Flash, baby! I dig the interface too; compact, simple to learn, and good usability when asking you questions about an artist. Wizards are easy in Flex, hard in Flash, so they did a great job!

So far, out of 8 songs, only 2 blew. I typed in Paul Oakenfold, Bad Boy Bill, and Deisel Boy; so far I’ve heard or own most of these songs already which is a good sign, but those that don’t, I’d love to buy. I can see why iTunes and Amazon are striking deals with them. Speaking of which, you can click and buy from iTunes or Amazon right from the interface; too bad iTunes doesn’t have as much dance music as I like.

Try it out, it’s pretty cool! I’m tempted to subscribe.

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  1. I typed in Britney Spears and got Seether in reply heheh..

    No, it did hit the mark in terms of taste… what a swoit idea, damn it… why can’t i have ideas like these… *looks at bills stacking up*…i hate rich people for all the right reasons…money they have, money i don’t. heh.

  2. I like the idea behind Pandora, but for my tastes they are lacking in content, although this will only improve.

    What i have been using for a long time is

    you can see my self obsession at ;)

    Anyway, its a similar system to pandora and has a myriad of interesting features.

    You can install a plugin for your favourite audio player and it will keep statistics about what you listen to, then show you your musical neighbours, recommend other groups you might like. Damn, it even has its own public API so you can do what you like with the data :)

    its just begging for some nice flash based interfaces. :)

    you can never have enough music..

  3. very cool. some interesting asscociations – I put in The Pixies and got Boston, Kiss and Sebadoh and a couple weird recommendations. on the whole though it was pretty much spot on. Thanks for passing the link on. :)

  4. Hi Jesse,

    The ceo posted a thank you note to the laszlo team about a month ago.

    I might subscribe to it also. One thing that I like a lot is that it’s really very reasonably priced. Another more standard internet radio station that I like is ‘totally radio’. It has a nice looking but goofier (functionally wise) flash interface. A good variety of stuff from left field.

  5. Not sure how that type occured but for those that don’t understand… theaszlo == the Laszlo

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