Can’t Install Flash Player 8 Debug Player

* Update 10.25.2005: I’ve tried suggestions in the following threads:

Oddly, I can install Flash Player 8 no problem. It’s the Flash Player 8 ActiveX msi install file that’s failing, both release and debug. IE runs Flash 8 fine, but I need the Debug Player installed for FlexBuilder 1.5 to debug. I’m thinking of just keeping Flash Player 7 debug in IE since it works, but it’s not as fast as 8…

The struggle continues.


Sent this to Flashcoders, copying here in case anyone else has the same error and searches on Google.

Not sure in what order this happened, but I cannot install the Flash Player 8 debug player, and the Flash Player 7 Debug player for IE (ActiveX) is not allowing FlexBuilder 1.5 to debug.

I re-installed the FlexBuilder2 alpha today and that’s when my troubles started. I installed Flash Player 8.5 for IE, and nothing for Firefox. After uninstalling the product, and running Flash Player 8 and Flash Player 7 uninstallers multiple times, as well as uninstalling Macromedia Central, and removing any “Flash Player” I found in Add/Remove Programs, I’m still at a loss. I started getting the Contribute install error too that one gets from a Flash Player 8 beta install, so uninstalled Contribute 3 as well as any FlashPaper I found. I even deleted my mms.cfg file that Macromedia Flash Player puts in your system32.

At times, I found when trying to install in IE from the web, the player would install, but no SWF’s would load. You could right click on it in the browser, and it’d say Flash 8, but no SWF would be loaded in it. I managed to fix this by uninstalling 8 and 7, and re-installing 7, and then 8 atop of that.

…but, still can’t install the Flash Player 8 debug player. I keep getting this error when running the “Install Flash Player 8 ActiveX.msi”:

Error 1904.Module
failed to register. HRESULT -2147220473. Contact
your support personnel.

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  1. I had problems with Flaspaper 2 after I installed Flex Builder 2 with the Player 8.5 in Explorer and Firefox. Really strange, but I’ll have to do some tests to check out what happend….

  2. Hi,

    Have you tried the manual method?

    If that still isn’t working, here is a technote for manual uninstall: . The filename will be Flash85.ocx. for the alpha player. Flash8.ocx for the release version of Flash Player 8.

    Also, just to clarify: the uninstaller on won’t recognize and delete version 8.5. The uninstaller provided with the Labs bits does.

    Sr. Product Manager

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