The Making of Flash 8 – JXL Cameo

Even as I am now a full-time Flex contractor, I still utilize Flash 8 in more than half of my daily duties. I really am impressed with the quality of this release. As I continually scan the lists, I’m seeing a steady stream of feature discussions, both old and new, which indicate no overt problems with utilizing the product by users, instead focusing on creating & using.

Watching the video, it was weird; it felt like watching those NASA documentaries where they talk about how they sent their rover to Mars, except in this case, you’re like, “Dude, I know that guy! Hey, I met and talked to her!”. Very cool to see a behind the scenes look at the hard work the Flash Team puts in. It shows; millions around the world use and love Flash, me included. Also, it really gives you a greater appreciation for the product as well as a level of respect to those who can pull it off.

“The Making of Flash 8” Documentary Film

BTW, check out my ghetto-looking self!

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