Macromedia Flash 8 Credits – JXL Cameo Part Deux

Reading LordAlex’s posting, and was like, “Wow, I wonder who else is in there that I know?”. That way, at parties, I can be like, “Yeah, I know him… he’s pretty cool. I know him too, he owns me on Halo. I know her, I know that dude…” since at parties you typically open the Help > About dialogue in Flash 8 over a brewsky.

Low and behold, I’m in there! I had the same feeling I had at MXDU 2003 while on stage with the rest of the developers from around the world answering audience questions, begging the question, “W…t…f.. am I doing up here?” Pretty damn cool, your welcome Macromedia, I strive to ensure the world knows Flash rocks and they should use & love it too.

I of course return with a “And, thank you, Macromedia!” for Flash. I got a phat career because of your product and get to wake up everday doing what I love and getting paid bling for it. You all rock!

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