IFBIN Provides Solutions

There are no de facto solutions in software development. In the context of Flash & Flex Development, there are a plethora of ways to attack a problem and solve it. In part to the wide array of backgrounds that Flash & Flex Developers have as well as just human nature where everyone is special and each person is different; 2 people will have different solutions to the same problem.

In regards to software development, this is great for the IFBIN consumer. It doesn’t just boil down to OOP purist vs. Pragmatism… or “doing it right” vs. “doing it fast” (although, I hope my examples meld the best of both worlds!). It’s a matter of what differentiates one solution from another, and when is one better than the other? What can I learn from this? How can our team utilize these solutions in the future for different problems & projects?

The 2nd facet is style. For those who truly believe programming is an artform, then you know that approaches to solving a problem may or may not fit with your mindset, your way of doing things, or your style.

IFBIN provides those solutions via software examples in a variety of styles. With multiple quality examples done by many of the best Flash & Flex Developers in the world, you as the consumer end up with multiple ways to solve a development problem.

IFBIN has great software examples and provides solutions to problems.

What do I get out of it? Additional incentive to clean up my examples I continually release so others get greater benefit from them (comment, document, remove implied dependencies, etc.). It’s nice to know that what I consider fun to do in my spare time actually makes a positive difference in other developers’ day to day work.

Thanks Ted for the opportunity to be a part of IFBIN, and I look forward to helping create many additional examples!

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