Ant Task to Preview Flash in Firefox

For the app we’re building, we have to preview in a browser to get it to work. I’m still working on getting it to deploy with our war file, but for now, we can at least test our changes quickly in a browser. I know this build file isn’t perfect (disclaimer: it’s my first one), but it was a little tricky getting Firefox to open up our pre-made HTML file that housed the SWF and I figured it’d save someone else the time it took my manager and I to get the filepath right. Here’s the results of that, with an optional opening with the Flash Player instead commented out. Additionally, we’re working on getting our HTML & JavaScript to replace the current Flashout one, but for now, I had fun learning Ant so I could help our Java developers get our files into the build process.

You can use this task with Ant in Eclipse utilizing MTASC. More information on utilizing Ant with SWFMill & MTASC can be found here at OSFlash.


BTW, anyone know of any good HTML/XML beautifiers that are online? Thanks!

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  1. Hi Jesse,

    What app server are you using? I use the JOPE eclipse plugin to deploy the war file to JOnAS app server.
    That plugin makes easy build and deploy, and you can make hot deploys/undeploys.

    Btw, are you using OpenAMF and EJBs?



  2. We’re using Tomcat/Apache. Currently, I’m just using the default Ant view in Eclipse 3.1.

    Yeah, we’re using Java, BlueMartini, Servlets, Spring, and Hibernate on the back-end for one project, and MySQL for another one. Everyone at the office scours their face in disgust when EJB’s are brought up, so no, I don’t think we’ll ever use those (anymore).

    Currently, we’re using OpenAMF, but it’s a challenge every time you bring on a new Java developer who doesn’t have experience with it, because there is a LOT that can go wrong and it requires siginficant amount of uptime to learn. This is where open source fails time and time again; I can’t count the hours we’ve spent ‘figuring it out’, and having to do that repeatedly each project. Granted, once you learn it, you learn it, but it’s becoming a repeating pattern, and I really need to write some docs for those OpenAMF guys to prevent future hardships and loss of precious man-hours.

    Regardless, once you get it working, it works great!

  3. Thanks for the tip, btw, I’ll have to check out JOPE. Even with MyEclipse, redeploying wars and stopping/starting Tomcat blows.

  4. You are right Jesse, sometimes OS is really awful ;)…and even more when it’s related to Java.

    JOnAS-JOPE is great when you develop web apps, but I’m getting problems to get work with EJB-related task. But EJBs are great when you want to create Enterprise applications that plugs on any service easily (LDAP, BBDD, etc…)

    Notice that JOPE is for work with JOnAS, but not with Tomcat (although JOnAS’s servlet container could be Tomcat).

    Well, time to get back to fight with those #’@$! EJBs! ; )

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