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  1. indeed that video rules! (though there’s still some speculation that is not realtime… i tend to think it is)

    thank goodness i’ll have a year after the 360 release to save up for it! ;-)


  2. Looks good enough to cause a veteran to have flash-backs and wild out on somebody.

  3. Idiots like to say that the Xbox 360’s graphics are Xbox 1.5, but hey, look at the REAL TIME (not prerendured CG) gameplay on PS3, it’s nothing great. Metal gear 4 looks like Metal gear 3 still. More to the point, Killzone is a pre-rendered CG movie. There is no way Killzone 2 could make such a leap from the first killzone which sucked.

  4. That didn’t say jack… they bantered back and forth, and those that cited URL’s were only to interviews with contracdicting reports, and nothing concrete; the question has not been definately answered whether it was real-time or pre-renderered/CG.

    I say it was real-time, but not on a PS3 spec, but rather a fast as hell box, like a newer Alienware. To me, the AI in the demo was pretty bad; they obviously had the game set on uber easy as the bots had no aim, nor were they very alert; watch it again, and you’ll see how dumb some of them were… course, that could just be lazy CG animators… the mystery continues.

  5. My mind keeps telling me ‘no way it’s real time’, but my heart wants to believe it’s true.

  6. CGI??? — No. Fully in game? – Doubtful. More like a choreographed real time rendering showing what the PS3 will be capeable of in real time. Now the question is can the PS3 do all that while allowning the player to control movement, run & shoo,t run the AI, and multipalyer all with out dropping frame rate below 30 (pref 60)FPS? I just hope so.
    However the video did EXACTLY what the marketing people wanted it to. Get us talking and arguing about it.
    At the very least the new consoles should give us at least HL2 & Doom 3 (settings turned up) level graphics. That in itself should get ya’ll excited about the new systems.

  7. Well, for one thing it was officially made by Axis animations, who did *the prerendered CGI intro/outro for Killzone*, and the KZ2 demo has almost exactly the same look as the Killzone 1 prerendered intro. If that isn’t enough, Guerilla themselves have said that ‘It is more of a representation of what they want to make than what the end product will be’. Third, Cell isn’t even finished yet. Cell isn’t done, RSX isn’t done, and PS3 is a boxload of potential but nothing they show is beyond the theoretical, and yes, i watched the Sony E3 keynote.

    Oh and lets not forget that Killzone blew ;P Like.. hard. No manner of graphical wahoo is going to sell me a game, particularly not a game by a developer with as shabby a track record as Guerilla, a secondrate developer whose only reason for any kind of attention was that they dared push the PS2 further than it could actually go and crashed burning to the ground as a result. Those screenshots sure sold a lot of PS2s though…

  8. It was done by Axis animations in scotland, who specialise in prerendered CGI for television and occationally games. I doubt Axis has PS3 knowhow of any sort, like i doubt Sony would’ve passed them a dev kit or allowed Guerilla to pass them one. My money’s on prerendered concept art: It’s almost identical in look and style to the Killzone 1 intro movie.


  9. actually this is supposed to be killzone 3 ive heard
    kz2 is either going to be psp or ps2
    or at least it is supposed to be

  10. mgs4 was done on the ps2, not ps3 jackasws. killzone 2 movie was cgi, my dads friend was part of the team that did it.

  11. your a fin liar and your just pi$$ed it isnt fo xbox 360 and ps3 is going to beat xbox 360 by da video card and da cell and da speed and this time better online stuff + so much more and is way better then xbox 360 and duh ps3 wins there be more ps3 buyers then xbox will ever have and xbox will go down hill this time and they did last time too but admit to xbox better fo color and all of that but i dont like da feeling of xbxo when you play it sucks on all games + ps2 won that war also just bc of more ps2 games and insane way more ps2 gamers so what going to go on here is there is not gonna be much ppl makein games even on xbox 360 + ppl movein from xbox to ps bc ps is better this time around + about killzone it killzone 3 and it was not realtime or it was but da gameplay of da video where you seen him holding da gun and shotting it that was all real and beside this there even pop in ppl and bugs that prove my point also da guys from unreal that are makeing 2007 that showed realtime demo at ps3 da even said it will look just like that or better + da ps3 is about takeing real life as well and put in a video game and stuff that are in movies and like cgi there going fo gameplay that be that good and i found out da real deal i think and da gameplay in that video is ‘da same as it will be at your house when you play killzone 3’ but i heared around da deal is da video gameplay was hype up to 60fps and i think hightest fo da real game be 30fps or highter idk what it is if you know tell me lol

  12. did anyone understand all of what was just said? seriously… if ur gonna rant speak english… and make sure ur points can be backed up… none of the stuff you said about PS3 can be backed up at all… on paper the 360 and PS3 are just about even and we won’t be able to tell which is better till someone gets a working one… and xbox is supposed to be way more developer friendly than PS3, so why would devs move to PS3? and it’s hard to beat xbox live for online service in any venue… all that aside, Sony stands to lose hundreds of dollars per console to keep in a competative price range with 360 which is just about equally as powerful… I wudn’t by anything from a company that actually wants to lose money off merchandise…

  13. I think both systems are goin to be great ps3 has the cell xbox 360 has the best gamin graphic card ever made. I personally think the 360 will be better cause it will have superior A.i and the cell has all that power but the bandwith on the ps3 cant even handle half that power.

  14. Ok, ok, are you tired of hearing all the PS3 bull%$@&? First things first, the PS3 AND ALL OF IT’S ‘AMAZING’ HARDWARE ISN’T ANYWHERE NEAR COMPLETION! Sony even admitted it when they stated that the boomerang controller was only a prototype! First argument, the cell processor isn’t truly that powerful…according to the specs the seven smaller parts of the cell don’t have their own cache memory…so forget running awesome graphics, smooth physics, and enjoyable gameplay all at the same time…it can’t process all of these key elements with this problem. Second argument, if the next gen of gaming is online (which I’m pretty sure the boost in xbox live accounts after halo 2’s release shows that the next gen is heading online) Sony’s cell can’t beat the three core proecessors in the 360 when processing so much online data…PLUS let’s not forget about the servers here…Playstation 2’s servers were a sorry excuse for online play. Xbox already has the higher ground in that battle so Sony has to play catch up…point blank, killzone 2 was prerendered by axis and the Playstation fan boys are just mad because epic came out and proved that gears of war’s demo at E3 was in fact real time! So as you fanboys curse my name and stick pins in a small little doll that resembles me…just go ahead and pour salt on those wounds I just opened. Xbox 360 is going to kill ps3 simply because of the earlier release, the licensed titles, and the online play…did I mention the fact that Half Life 2 is coming to the xbox…guess what!!!!!! That means you can play it on the 360 BUT NOT THE PS3! That’s too bad, considering that Half Life 2 for the xbox took the best of E3 award. I think sony better watch out for nintendo because I have a feeling that either nintendo is going to die in this console war OR they will come out of nowhere and blow everyone away. But the statistics and specs are everywhere, so look them up…ps3 only wins in the floating point when you analyze the specs, which doesn’t even matter on a console! Have fun people! I know I will with my 360!

  15. You my friend are missing the whole point of the PS3 technology aren’t you. the Cell system doesn’t use an onboard cache system architecture. In fact to prove the point that the architecture is much more powerful we now see BOTH AMD and Intel scrambling to make ‘Dual-Core’ processors. The standard Cell chip has 9, including the 3.2 gig core. The deal with cache is the ability to hold more processes in a cue so they can be achieved in faster succession. The Cell processor has the ability to have each of the processors do 2 tasks a piece. Basically, meaning that it can processes 18 tasks at once. Add this to the PS3’s Rambus FlexIO bandwidth of 76.8 Gig a second (which is faster than anything out there at) and the XDR DRAM Rambus of 25.6 gigs asec, and you’ve got one sick machine. Whether it’ll beat the 360 is to be decided. All I know it that we are going to be seeing the Cell in everything from HD TVs to dishwashers in the next year or so.

    As for the prerendered or not prerendered debate. Look at the most basic XBOX numbers then decide. The XBOX used a 733MHz chip a 250 MHz nvidia card(sharing RAM) and 64 megs of RAM (a whopping 200MHz). Now look at the XBOX360 Specs 3×3.2 (which =9600 MHz) blazing fast ATI video card(10megs imbedded DRAM) and 512 MB of 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM(um real fast!)

    Ok, so most of this you know, but here’s the clincher. RAM is where we keep the data that you want to load in an environment.(Unless of course you streaming, in which case the DVD player where we stream from on the 360 gives 10 times faster data than even the old system’s RAM did) Most of the art side of it is eaten up by Texture as it is the most expensive in memory costs. Where the processors come in is the crunching of the objects or more specifically Polygons on the screen (think of Frames Per Second) So if the memory has multiplied by 8 and the chip power is multiplied by 12.5 then what does it give us game creators to work with.

    For this we again look at the old specs and compare them with the new specs. Most Xbox games are now pushing 4-7000 polys per character of in game (this is not counting the LODs or the environments) and using at max 512x 512 maps. Well just looking at the data, that would give us(4-7000 x 12.5) 50-87500 poly per character and (512×8) 2048×2048 maps. Ok, that’s crazy right! The thing is, the characters in the Killzone trailer were more like 20k (which is about what most devs are shooting for on this first round of next gen) And maps are still push down to around the 512 area (we are just using more of them and new kinds. i.e. Normal maps). So is it possible that what we saw was in game, yes. That’s the view of someone who works on games, I am not saying that KZ2 is a cinematic or in game shot, I just think it is possible.

    One more thing, we are now integrating the cinematics in the gameplay. We can seamlessly cut from cinematic to game without a glitch(not like this gens load times). This might be what you are seeing. Look at it again and think of the only in-game shots as the First person view(when you see the gun). Does that make it more plausible?
    Look again and ask yourself who is are the only industry people disputing the in game claim? I’ve heard Epic cry about it, and Microsoft….they don’t have any reason to lie, right.
    BTW this was a very generalized layout there are some tricks and things I left out.

  16. …i dont like it when people say the cell has no cache… the ppe has 512 which shames my amd 2400+’s 256 :( and eacy spe has 256k SRAM. sram was used insted of cache because the cell is an In Order processor and cache although extreamly fast has unpredictable timings unlike ram wich is always somthing like 6 cycles in order processors unlike out of order processors cant recall data from there cache if theres a cache miss causing errors but with ram it would run flawlessly. all home pc’s have an out of order processor because of this. also ATI cards imo suck i had a 9800 but it broke in under a year. and the ps3’s ‘RSX’ is a superior video card capable of 2x the floating point accuracy and 2x the total floating point prefrormance. the tri-core ppc xb360 processor is capable of 116ish gflops the vid card is capable of .8ish tflops the cell is capable of 218gflops and the rsx is cabable of 1.8tflops although xbox has more bandwith it’s irrelevent its not capable of using it all… the edram (a measly 10mb) has 256gb/s + its 24ish gddr3 the ps3 has 24ish on both the xdr and gddr3 for a grand total of 48 but xbox has 280gb/s but the flex I/O cant handel that much crating an enormous bottleneck the cell has 71gb/s bandwith in its flex I/O i dont think the 3-core ppc has even that because its an existing processor not ibm’s next gen processor cell. so it would be extreamly ineffecient trying to cram in 280gb/s into 71gb/s and the main sysram is only half that of the ps3’s :) also microsoft is obsessed with money the xbox causted ALOT of there money they probably havnt pulled a penny of profet for it and they are having bungie rush halo3 to meat ps3’s release date to slow sales and increase there profet… so im certain that ms knows very well that they are half the power of sony this time around and they are afraid that they will go the way of sega and where nintendo seems to be hedding but at the same time they dont want to put a penny more into production of the 360 to potentially save there console.

    oops off topic… i really cant be certain but i think killzone will be able to look like that maby late in life of the ps3 similar to the first xbox games compaired to there best looking game d3 or splintercell ct at the very end of its life. but i think killzone wasnt real time right now… unless you considered the technicallity that it WAS shown running in real time on its hardware streaming the video in real time :)

  17. Ps3 is going to kick xbox360’s ass.Think of it this way.Ps3 is the third of the sony gaming systems.XBOX360 is the second of its systems.Also check out amazon.com.search ps3, and click on the ps3. Then read the article. It says its going to be 2x as powerful as the XBOX360.

  18. Actually, this debate was answered in a PSM interview several months ago.

    The footage was realtime on a PS3 alpha dev kit, and is actually footage of Killzone 3 (Killzone 2 is a top down perspective PSP spy game).

    The cicnhed is that the Killzone 3 engine was set up to work on a PS3 and the alpha dev kit, using off the shelf PC parts could only render it as 5 FPS. Those frames were sped up to what they should be on a PS3.

    http://www.answers.com/topic/killzone-3 for on-line source

  19. in a recent intervue from the development team from killzone the they were asked if it was pre rendered! the answer was- dont talk rubbish! im not bias either way at the mo. what i will say is! i have PC with a 7800gt a 3.6 p4 64 bit processor ddr2 ram etc. and it would still be no match for the total Tflops both systems can run! However call of duty 2 & Fear at full settings are better than anything i have seen for the xbox 360 so far! I see no reason why killzone cant be reel! its not mutch better than many top pc games with a 78020gtx, and the RSX is supposed to be better still! so i pray it will be that good! I have already bought an xbox 360, but if killzone looks that good its getting sold on eaby!

  20. yes well killzone 2 looks just like am movie and one of the producers of the ps3 said that little clip i just watched is all gameplay as soon as you see your gun come up boom you can start to shoot helgast staight away. so yep im definitly looking out for more trailers and clips of it because that just blew my mind PS3 will kick ass at the end of the year

  21. i dont think that is gameplay. if it was sum1 playing they would have a crossair or whatever people wanna call the aiming thing.

  22. Well I still don’t get which parts were prerendered in this video all they said that it was prerendered so which parts were prerendered and which parts were real cause I know the soldiers in the video don’t even look prerendered I’mean you can see there face move and there guns

    don’t even look prerendered as well and the samething with the helghast and the smokes from those flying vechiles don’t even look prerendered there eitgher.

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