CaptivatePlayer Article & Upcoming Features

Macromedia graciously gave me the opportunity to write an article about my CaptivatePlayer, now up on DevNet, which is used to help Captivate users easily deploy their content to the web.

I’ve received feedback from a variety of Captivate users asking for specific features. That said, when things calm down towards the end of June, I can hopefully add these 2 requested features to it.

  • Global Navigation vs. the per demonstration navigation that Captivate generates currently. Something akin to a DVD player’s chapter controls so you can jump to other demonstrations.
  • Ability to have the presentation automatically play the next demonstration, and have this ability be controllable through the XML and through the interface.

CaptivatePlayer DevNet Article

Thanks, Macromedia!

2 Replies to “CaptivatePlayer Article & Upcoming Features”

  1. I downloaded your player and worked with it for a while, adding a series of captivate movies that I had made. I am not a Captivate expert, but I had already wondered about grouping small movies using something a little less cumbersome than MenuBuilder. Thanks for the neat player! It works just great.

    The menu bar you added is very nice and subtle. In fact, it is so unobtrusive that when I ran your sample, I sat in front of it for a while, not even noticing it–and waiting for something to happen. But when I built my own, the first movie started right up. I can imagine putting a few instructions on the first page of my movie so users would know that the menus are there. But perhaps you have a better idea for making their use a bit more obvious to the new user.

    I like what you did–and this site is very informative too. Thanks, Jesse.


  2. I’ll add an auto-run option in the future; that is a commonly reported problem I intend to annihilate.

    Thanks for the comments and glad it helps!

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