Java DevCon 2005: RIAs w/ Flex & J2EE

Dan Glauser, Leif Wells and I will presenting at the all day Java DevCon 2005 this Wednesday. Leif and I personally won’t be there all day as we have work to complete, but will we answer questions, group & individually.

Leif and I will be showing how Flex is the phatest presentation tier ever invented. We’ll be going over what we feel the enterprise Java community wants and needs to see based on reactions from the last AJUG meeting, my readings from community lists, and from talking with various developers. Case in point:

  • What Flex is, where it fits into your workflow, and why you should care.
  • What Flex has to offer, how it trumps other presentation tier frameworks, and all the nitty gritty stuff like the components, validators, and good ole’ xml tags and code.
  • How Flex talks to the backend.

Dan will take off in the 2nd half where Leif and I leave off, filling in the technical gaps from a Java developer’s perspective, describing what is going on in the backend.

If you’ve got questions about Flex, please come and talk to one of us. I personally love to chat about technology, want to spread & describe the coolness that is Flex, and look forward to learning from others in the field.

Hope to see you there!

Da 4-1-1!

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  1. You can develop Flex on just about any platform; as far as hosting, it’s just a java .war file; can’t that run on a Mac somehow?

  2. Can you point me in the right direction Jesse? I assumed that to get into developing Flex applications you needed Flex Builder. So how do I get into making Flex stuff?

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